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Terms & Conditions - Cycle Hire from Pedal Power

This agreement is between the “Hiree(s)” whose details are set out below and the “Hirer” 
who is “Friends of Pedal Power Project Ltd” who are opera
ting on a non-profit basis, hereafter known as “Pedal Power”. 
  • All members have agreed to our Ts and Cs as part of their membership
  • The Hiree must be 18 or over

Responsibilities of individual Hirees 
  • The Hiree(s) agrees to take care of the cycle(s) and equipment whilst in their possession and agrees to not use the cycle other than for its intended purpose. 
  • Hirees will have to pay the full cost of repairing cycles that are returned in a damaged state, other than from fair wear and tear.
  • The Hiree will have to pay the full retail cost of cycles that are lost, damaged beyond economic repair or stolen whilst in their possession.
  • The Hiree agrees to report any repair or injury associated with the use of any cycle(s) or equipment in their possession no later than the end of the hire period.
  • The Hiree agrees to inform Pedal Power immediately of any loss or breakdown of any cycle(s) whilst in their possession or control.
  • The Hiree(s) will agree and acknowledge that they are satisfied that the cycle(s)/equipment they are hiring is fully fit for purpose and that they are fully satisfied with the condition of the cycle(s)/equipment at the commencement of hire. 
  • Hiree(s) warrants that all riders of cycle(s) in the group are competent to cycle and takes full responsibility for ensuring the safe use and operation of the cycles they have hired. (Our assessment process supports best match of cycle and ability).
  • The Hiree agrees to behave responsibly to others and the environment while in charge of the cycle.
  • The Hiree is personally responsible for any claims made against them resulting from the use or misuse of the hired cycle(s) whilst in their possession or control.
  • The Hiree(s) understands the importance of a cycle helmet and the consequences of not wearing one.

Responsibilities of Pedal Power
  • Equip the Hiree with equipment and cycles that are fit for purpose.
  • Make available guidance on safe cycling.
  • GDPR statement - by signing this agreement, you are entering a contract with Pedal Power that enables the charity to hold and process your data under the General Data Protection Regulation
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