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Ride an E-Bike and See Cycling Differently!

Here at Pedal Power, our core aim is to remove the barriers that can prevent some people from cycling. Promoting the use of E-Bikes is one of the key ways we're doing this as they enable and facilitate cycling in many ways.  With crucial funding from Welsh Government, we've been able to add 35 cycles to our range of E-Bikes and Trikes. We can now offer our customers and community groups a large and diverse fleet of 2-wheel standard and adaptive trikes that cover a huge range of needs.

Why use an E-Bike?
We can help you on your  E-Bike journey...​
  • Hire an E-Bike from us (for 1 hour or several weeks)!
  • Try a selection of E-bikes before you commit to buying
  • Take a lesson or  join a group to build the confidence to ride
  • Buy through us - we're the biggest dealer in Wales for adaptive E-Cycles

E-Bikes are a game-changer - opening up the option of cycling to many more people than standard 'push-bikes'. This is down to their gentle 'boost', versatility of design, and ability to carry heavy loads.

  • People with disabilities can often cycle when they wouldn't otherwise be able to (we even have a cycle that can carry an electric wheelchair)

  • For others, they offer a viable and attractive alternative to using a car - allowing them to carry children or other heavy loads, go further, tackle routes with hills and embrace a head-wind with confidence! 

  • Whatever the need, they help us to get more people cycling - take a look at the videos below to see and hear how people are benefiting from E-Bikes through Pedal Power

Why ride an E-Bike
What is an E-Bike?
E-Bikes at Pedal Power
Watch and listen - happy customers who regularly use our E-Bikes
Bernard and Michelle
Staff -Member Darren
Joe and Daniel
Nasim and Shagufta
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