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Who needs to be assessed?


Anyone who feels they may need to use one of our specialist adaptive cycles to cycle comfortably and safely, should arrange an assessment.

Support needs may relate to a learning disability, a physical impairment or a balance and coordination difficulty. If you have support needs, you will likely need to be assessed before you can hire our cycles. This helps us to choose the best cycle for your needs.

Please book your assessment in advance by completing our Assessment Request Form.

Or you can emailing or give us a call on 02920 390713.


How does an assessment take place?


The assessment will take 30-60 minutes. You'll need to complete a short form, and we'll ask you about your cycling plus health and wellbeing goals so we can select the best cycle and accessories for you to try.


What happens after the assessment?

If you're a member, the recommendations will be recorded on our database so that every time you visit, we know what cycle and equipment you need.

What if I am not disabled but have not cycled for some time?

If you do not have specific support needs but it's been some time since you last cycled, we'd recommend that you contact us to arrange a lesson. This will be focused on restoring your confidence to ride.


What if I am already a competent cyclist?

If you can already ride a bike and have no support needs, you can hire a bike without the need for an assessment.



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