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Who needs to be assessed?

If you have support needs, you may need to be assessed before you can hire our cycles. This is because we want to make sure that the best cycle has been chosen for you and that you have as positive an experience as possible when you visit Pedal Power.

Support needs may relate to a learning disability, a physical impairment or a balance and coordination difficulty. If there is a likelihood that you will wish to hire one of our specialist bikes or trikes, you will need to become a Member first. You will then be given an Assessment by one of our friendly members of staff.

What if I am not disabled but have not cycled for some time?

If you do not have specific support needs but it is some time since you last cycled, we would recommend that you contact us to arrange a lesson.


What if I am already a competent cyclist?

If you can already ride a bike and will wish to hire from our general hire stock , there will be no need for you to have an assessment.


How does an assessment take place?

An Assessment has to be arranged in advance with a member of staff. You (or your parent or guardian) need to complete the first page of our Assessment Form either before or on the day of the Assessment.


Once your Membership Form has been received, an officer will contact you to make an appointment.


The Assessment will take around half an hour to an hour. The officer will ask you about your cycling and health and wellbeing goals and assess which of our cycles is best for you.


What happens after the Assessment?

If you are a Member, the results will be recorded on our database so that every time you visit, we know what cycle and equipment you need.

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