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Information for Health & Social Care Professionals


We all benefit from being active and cycling is a great activity that is fun, sociable and good for our physical and mental health. Cycling offers great opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be active and to enjoy outdoor spaces.

Cycling is known to be an effective treatment for keeping people well and can promote mental wellbeing

as well as reducing the risk of/positively impact people living with heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. It also supports the maintenance of a healthy muscular skeletal system.

How Pedal Power aims to support health and social care staff

We would like to support health and social care staff in the rehabilitation, treatment and care of their clients and patients by helping to:

  • Improve and maintain activity levels through identifying a feasible physical activity opportunity

  • Provide a sociable and friendly environment

  • Improve mental wellbeing through being active and by being in green and natural spaces.


We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss all possible ways that we can support your work further.  Please contact our Director, Sian at to arrange a discussion, meeting or presentation.

How Pedal Power can help support clients and patients

Pedal Power encourages and enables children and adults of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of cycling. We strive to remove any and all barriers to cycling that many people face - we firmly believe that cycling can be for everyone, all ages and all abilities.

 Pedal Power offers: 

  • 2 wheel cycles for children and adults

  • low step through 2 wheel adult bikes – perfect for older adults or those with reduced flexibility

  • e bikes and e trikes (new!)

  • 3 wheeled cycles for those with mobility or balance issues – these can help strengthen muscles after experiencing a stroke, for example

  • Hand bikes – useful after leg or foot injuries

  • Tandem bikes – ideal for visually impaired riders and for beginners to cycling with support and training

  • Specialised cycles that allow a supporter to sit alongside or behind the cyclist to help with cycling

  • Cycles that accommodate wheelchairs

  • Cycling lessons for children and adults of varying ability and disability

  • Cycling confidence building sessions and rides

  • Organised group rides by our volunteers

  • Accessible and welcoming café with disabled toilet

  • Workshop with specialist cycle sales and customer repairs.

How to access services provided by Pedal Power

No referral is necessary but health and social care professionals may wish to contact us on behalf of their clients/patients or encourage individuals to contact us directly. If anyone has support needs, it is likely that an assessment by us would be needed to ensure that the most appropriate cycle is chosen to meet individual needs and to ensure that their cycling experience is positive and enjoyable. 


How to hire a cycle or to book our services

Booking Request Form

Call: 02920 390713




We keep costs as low as possible and those attending regularly are encouraged to become members to benefit from reduced prices. As a member, support workers go free.

We would welcome comments, suggestions and amendments for this information by contacting our Sian at

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