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Want to Cycle? We can make it happen! 
As cycling promises to become a major part of our future lives it's well worth learning to cycle properly! We have over 20 years of experience of helping people to cycle. We work with all ages and abilities and aim to remove the barriers to cycling so everyone can enjoy its many benefits.
You're never too old to cycle

There are so many great reasons for taking up cycling, but you may feel you have missed your chance...think again! We provide a range of cycle training, including learn to ride, confidence building and group rides. We also have a wide range of cycles to ensure that we can meet your individual needs. 

Woman on trike

Living with impairments and disabilities

We aim to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cycling and our membership includes an initial assessment to ensure the best match of person and cycle (we have over 60 adaptive cycles as well as a wide range of accessories). We also have a hoist on site if needed.


We'll do everything we can to enable your child to enjoy the benefits of cycling from a young age. We offer assessments for children with disabilities of all ages, and our children’s cycling officer will assess which cycle is right and whether adaptations and/or extra lessons are needed. 

We also offer learn to ride lessons for all children from the age of 8. There are also some great resources online to help you teach your child to ride, such as

Illness and injury

Illness and injury can change your cycling needs overnight. Our extensive range of bikes, trikes and accessories aim to address those needs and can be adapted as those needs change. Our membership includes an initial assessment but also continued regular assessments so your cycle & accessories can change with your needs.

Family on side by side and bike with child seat
Child on accessible cycle
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