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Want to Cycle? We can make it happen! 
We work with all ages and all abilities and aim to remove any and all barriers to cycling so everyone can enjoy the freedom and benefits of cycling...

Never too old to cycle

There are so many great reasons for taking up cycling, but you may feel you have missed your chance – think again! We provide all sorts of cycle training -learn to ride, confidence building, group rides - plus a huge range of cycles to ensure that YOUR needs can be met. 

Are you a Carer?

Paid or unpaid, we recognise the fantastic work carers do and our membership model enables carers to cycle for free. We also provide guidance and advice on cycling with your client, routes around the park and group leader riding. Plus, our welcoming and accessible café is just the place to meet up with other carers.

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Living with impairments and disabilities

Our aim is that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling and our membership includes an assessment to ensure the best match of person and cycle. We have over 60 adaptive cycles  plus accessories and over 20 years of experience plus we never stop learning.


Obviously the younger you learn to cycle the better, but many children struggle for a variety of reasons, very often an invisible disability like dyspraxia. Our children’s cycling officer will assess whether adaptations or extra lessons are the solution, but we will do everything we can to enable your child to join in cycling with their friends.

Illness and injury

Illness and injury can change our cycling needs overnight but our extensive variety of bikes, trikes and accessories aim to address those needs and continue to adapt as they change. Our membership includes an initial assessment but also continued regular assessments so your cycle can change as your situation changes.

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Cycle training

It’s as easy as riding a bike! If only. As cycling promises to become a major part of our future lives it is well worth learning to cycle properly and we offer training for children and adults, from learn to ride, confidence building, group rides (at various levels) and Bikeability. We also offer group leader training and guidance for carers.

Cycle hire

We are a charity and so there is a charge for our hire. All the bikes and trikes need maintenance and repair plus the adaptive nature of our fleet and our accessories comes with a specialist price tag! We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible and our membership model ensure that carers can cycle free of charge.

Health Professionals

We believe we are a greatly underused resource for health professionals and our aim is to support our NHS through preventative action (getting fitter, losing weight, enhancing mood, reducing social isolation) and in speeding up recovery (building stamina, low impact respiratory and muscular exercise).
Find a dedicated page and leaflet here.

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