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Good Cycling  Guide

At Pedal Power we believe in safe and respectful cycling. Here is how we can all make cycling fun, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Happy cycling!!

Use your bell

Letting people know you are approaching is important. Use your bell before you reach people, giving them time to react. If they don't move wait for a safe time to pass. Maybe they didn't hear you or are unable to move out of the way. So be patient and take your time.

Keep left

Ride in a position that is safe and predictable - this will help people to pass/navigate around you safely. This will normally be to the left (but not in the gutter)! Aim to keep 'your line' (avoid weaving in and out) and stay visible

Follow Highway Code

When on the road cyclists have to comply with the high way code, stopping at red lights, complying with all signs and following the same rules as cars. This is for your safety as well as other road users

Wear a helmet

You only get one brain, and while they are not complusory to ride with us, helmets save lives.

Ride sensibly - wheelies might look cool but facial injuries don't

Share with care

Whether sharing a road or a path, thinking about other users is important. Avoiding conflict and ensuring safety is our primary concern at Pedal Power and so we ask all to follow our Good Cycling Guide


Bridges can be points of conflict. Dismount or slow down to make room for pedestrians to pass safely

Passing pedestrians

When passing people use your bell, leave plenty of room and think about how fast you are going - a bike speeding by can be a shock

Be kind

Not everyone is an olympian.  Try not to judge other cyclists. Be patient passing slower cyclists and pedestrians. You will still get to where you want to go.

Don't be hasty

Many areas have speed limits even for bikes! So check your speed and think about slowing down, especially in shared spaces

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