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Principality Schools Project

In April 2023 we were delighted to receive much-needed funding from the Principality’s Community Fund Wales to enable us to extend our reach into special-needs schools across Cardiff and surrounding areas, to give children with a wide range of disabilities the opportunity to cycle and enjoy the many benefits this brings.

Cycling Officers, Rob and Steven started to work with pupils from Ty Gwyn and Woodlands Schools in June, and Ysgol Y Deri and Trinity Fields School joined the project in September. The funding was for 1 year, so sessions finished in November - in that time, more than 350 children have benefited from this fantastic opportunity, and feedback from them, staff and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. We have our fingers crossed that we will be able to run the project again in 2024!

For more information, email Rob/Steven at

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Using our huge fleet of adaptive cycles, as well as our experience of working with children with disabilities, we've been able overcome many of the barriers that would normally prevent these children from cycling.

Working with 15-30 children at a time, we make sure to tailor each visit to the specific needs of the school and pupils.


We're delighted that we've been able to work with so many children - over 350 - each an individual with individual needs. And the feedback we've received from the schools has been amazing and shows how much these sessions mean to the children and staff. Rob & Steve

Snap-Shot of the Feedback (names have been changed)

It has allowed our pupils to gain confidence and independence

Sam is looking forward to being able to go for bike rides with his Dad on the weekends once he can ride a 2 wheeler without support

The sessions were fantastic for Buttercup class- thank you so much for organising!

Zac is now practicing to ride a 2 wheeler with some adult support. He has his own 2 wheeler bike at home and is looking forward to being able to ride it alongside his brothers and sisters

How surprised they [parents] were that they were able to pedal. How lovely it was to see them accessing a skill they didn't think they would be able to

Fin looks forward to Pedal Power and cannot wait to get down there and on a bike when it is his turn.

Fantastic and accessible sessions!

The physical activity that the pupils did cycling helped with their health and wellbeing

All four pupils really enjoyed the session and didn’t want to finish! They had huge smiles on their faces the whole time

We would love for our class to be able to access Pedal Power regularly as we found it is great for their self-regulation, as well as gaining independence

They are very excited when they see the bikes in the car park. In addition, these sessions develop physical and communication skills in our pupils with additional learning needs as well as help them to understand the road safety


Pedal power staff were very friendly, kind and caring towards the pupils, helped staff engage with the bikes

Nan was overjoyed to see Manon accessing this provision and using a bike, which is something she thought was impossible for her granddaughter

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