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Second Hand Bikes


We take second hand bikes and make them new again. Check out what we have to offer or pop in today to buy your new-old bike.

Check out what's on offer on Instagram, Facebook, or pop into our location

Adaptable Bikes

Want an adaptive bike of your own? Buying through us supports us and we promise to work with you to find the right bike for your needs. Contact us or pop into our base in Pontcanna for a consultation and to see what we have on offer.   

Buy any trike through Green Commuter Initiative at Pedal Power. Please contact 


(Cargo Bike Range Only)

Electric cargo bikes with a large storage box on the front. They can reach up to 50 miles on a single charge, making them the perfect way to travel short distances whilst reducing your carbon footprint and saving money.

Tern GSD.webp

A wide range of bikes for different types of riders.

To see what's on offer check out the website

Unique bikes and trikes that offer incomparable riding enjoyment and freedom of mobility without sacrificing perfect practicality.

To see what's on offer check out the website

PF LOGO_SORT_made in Denmark.jpg

A wide selection of tricycles with optional auxiliary motor and in versions with room for two.

ICE Trike Recumbants

ICE design and build premium recumbent trikes.  Products include the ICE Full Fat, ICE Adventure, ICE Sprint and ICE VTX.

To see what's on offer check out the website

HUGBIKE® is a bicycle designed with a new way of conceiving the classic tandem.


To see what's on offer check out the website


Van Raam manufacture a wide range of special needs bikes and trikes, many of which can be fixed with electric pedal assistance.

To see what's on offer check out the website

Van Raam Logo Liggend.png
hp velotechnik logo.png

A range of range of recumbent bikes and tricycles.

Need something a bit special?

Do you need something a bit more special?

We have a history of working with people to help them setup bikes to match their abilities and needs.

For example we were approached by Shane's mum to make him a trike that matches his needs. Working with the family we created an electric ice trike that allows Shane to cycle with his friends and family.


If you too need something a bit special contact us and let’s see if we can help you.

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