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Pedal Power works with a range of adults and children with disabilities and this takes specialist equipment and expertise. However, we need to generate over 90% of our revenue which we aim to do through our hires, training, repairs, donated bikes - it's never enough! So we really need YOUR support through donations, however small or large, to ensure that we can keep delivering our services.

We guarantee that every penny donated to us is spent on enabling adults and children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the many benefits of cycling and services we are able to offer.


You can support us in a number of ways:

  1. Donate monthly

  2. Join our annual sponsored ride

  3. Leave us a legacy donation in a will

  4. Undertake a challenge in our name

  5. Buy things through Easy Fundraising and the brand you buy from will
    make a small donation to us with no cost to you.

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