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Pedal Power Manifesto 2021


Pedal Power is the largest and longest established inclusive cycling charity in Wales. We currently have 1,600 members, the majority of whom identify as disabled. We have two sites in Cardiff, at Pontcanna and Cardiff Bay. In the year preceding the pandemic we received three awards – Cardiff Life Award for Health and Wellbeing, Carers’ Trust Silver Award and Cycling UK’s Cyclist Café of the Year.

The Challenge

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), one in five people in England and Wales currently have a disability and disabled people are much more likely to encounter health problems as they are twice as likely as non-disabled people to be physically inactive and much more likely to be socially isolated. Inactivity and social exclusion are harming to people’s physical and mental health, which in turn puts added pressure on the NHS. A great number of disabled people are elderly, therefore at greater risk of developing health conditions and the number of people aged 65+ is set to increase. Cycling could make a truly positive difference but many disabled and older people encounter barriers to cycling.

The Solution

At Pedal Power we see cycling differently. Through our experience, expertise and equipment we aim to remove barriers to cycling so it can be truly inclusive – we believe cycling should be for everyone, all ages and all abilities.

The significant benefits of regular exercise and time outdoors on mental and physical health has been well understood and recommended throughout the recent pandemic and the contribution this makes to recovery from Covid 19 is also recognised. It is, therefore, essential that EVERYONE has access to cycling.

It is in this context that we propose the following asks of our politicians and decision makers

The Asks

  • A commitment to making cycling truly accessible and truly inclusive – using language and imagery clearly, honestly and with verifiable intent.

  • A recognition in transport, environment and health policies that inclusive cycling is central to achieving major health and carbon emissions targets.

  • Incorporation of inclusive cycling at the design stage of all infrastructure and NOT as an after-thought e.g. cycleways that are suitable for non-standard cycles (wide enough, smooth surface, no barriers).

  • A commitment to ensure cycle parking and storage facilities have specially allocated spaces for disabled cyclists and non-standard cycles.

  • Inclusive cycling to form part of a wider government strategy on active travel for disabled people which would help to reverse the inactivity and social isolation.

  • A commitment to developing inclusive cycling hubs across Wales.

  • Inclusion of organisations, like Pedal Power, that provide the means for inclusive cycling in financial support packages promoting active travel.

  • Harmonisation of VAT rules for all mobility aids so that cycles used by disabled people for this purpose will be included

  • Promotion of inclusive cycling to everyone e.g. public information campaigns like cycling and active travel initiatives to actively promote the inclusion of disabled and older people in cycling.

  • Actions to ensure that inclusive cycling is socially prescribed by the NHS in partnership with local organisations providing inclusive cycling hubs.

  • A commitment that, as cycling is valued as a life skill, the needs of ALL children are included in school initiatives and teaching programmes and so inclusive cycling is an intrinsic part of all cycling initiatives.


At this moment of crisis – public health, economic, environmental - cycling is poised to play a positive role and could dramatically improve the lives of many disabled and older people and the environment. We at Pedal Power believe it is in the interests of everyone – disabled people, government, local authorities, the NHS and society as a whole – that every effort is made to ensure that cycling is made as inclusive as possible.

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