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Sybil Still Cycling but what if two wheels aren't enough!!

Lovely to see Sybil featured in these photos of people cycling during lock-down. However, this highlights for us how many people couldn't cycle while we were closed because 2 wheels don't suit them. So many of our returning customers have told us how much they missed being able to cycle - yes, you could invest in an icetrike for your own use but it's more usual to come to us for a sidebyside! We have worked hard to make visiting Pedal Power as safe as possible and we are aiming to stay open right through the year, as we have done before, so that Pedal Power's wonderful variety of equipment is available and cycling really can include everyone. That was Sybil's intention when she set up the charity - making cycling accessible for all, all ages and all abilities - and we are carrying on the torch, despite the pandemic. Take a look at these smiling faces......

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