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Peoples Union of Railways (U.P.) has published a book titled . Notes and references External links قانون الشحادة Order X of 1984, English Translation provided by Category:1984 in Pakistan Category:Pakistani law Category:Islamic criminal jurisprudence Category:Legal history of Pakistan Category:1984 introductions Category:Pakistani civil lawI've made this before, but never got to posting the results until now...we gave up on the first one after two months of trying to get them to last, and never did any more. Was a disappointment, but, because it's a mainstay, thought I might as well try it again and see if I had better luck. On the inside: Inside is where it's at. On the outside: Get used to it, it's the way it's gonna look when you chop wood. On the top: You get used to it and won't want a glass car window, cuz it's the only way to see out your way. Welded in the front of the frame to keep it from turning while driving. The back is single piece of welded aluminum. The back two wheels are welded into the front for extra handling. Made from 20 ga. galvanized tubing. The gas tank is an Olds five gallon tank. Put the whole thing together with 2" discs and a front bumper and you're good to go. I'll try and get a better pic up here in a few months.This archived news story is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded

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