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How to write a good article. Instructions

1. Choose a topic

If I have to write an article on a boring subject, I try to find some bright detail, a story, another clue and build my text around it. For example, an article on how to open an LLC can be constructed around stories of entrepreneurs making mistakes that caused them to be denied registration. And on these negative examples show how to do it right. This is more interesting than simple instructions, of which there are many on the Internet.

The author's pay for papers observation is also important - if you follow the media and blogs where quality articles are published, you can learn to spot successful techniques.

Determine the format

The format of an article largely depends on both the topic and the site for which you are going to write the text.

The most popular formats for both corporate blogs and many media outlets:

Cases with a problem-solution structure: how pay for essay correction you yourself encountered difficulties and how you overcame them, or how you helped others;

an algorithm or instruction: how to do something, with specific steps, details, nuances, and expert advice (like this article);

expert review - you look at the product / innovation / service from all sides, honestly giving your opinion;

advices - a less voluminous format than a manual, these are recommendations from an expert in the form of a list;

frequently asked questions - you take popular questions from potential customers and answer them like an expert.

Either way, before deciding on the format of the article, you need to understand where the text will be published. If on a company blog or a personal page, you decide for yourself what kind of pitch is better, but if on an external site, then you should be guided by the publication's redpolicy and study in advance what formats will and will not appeal to the resource's readers.

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