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Hug Bike
like a tandem but with a bit more love! give someone a hug and try the hug bike today
Hase Trikes
Trikes for Children
A bike for two. Can be used with a range of adaptions to almost anyone the ability to cycle
Two Wheel Bikes
We have a range of hybrid two wheel bikes available for hire in different size.
Trail and Large Size
Are you a little taller or heavier? Or want to try riding slightly rougher parts of the Taff Trail then hire a Surely, available in a range of sizes
Kids Bikes
We have a range of kids bikes, from balance bikes all the way up. Isla bikes included.
Ice Trike
A recumbent trike for people needing support. We are also a dealer for these bikes
Pashley Trike
An upright trike for adults
Kids Recumbent
KMX karts make a range of recumbent bikes for adults and kids. we currently have to offer a kids trike for hire. We are also a dealer for KMX karts
Mission Trike
Mission upright trike for adults
Tomcat Trike
Tomcat trikes are for children with physical and mental disabilites. An excellent bike that can be used with a wide range of disabilities enabling kids of all abilites to hire with us
Child Seat
We provide child seats for use with two wheel bikes free of charge. Children must be able to support their heads and these are for 12 months plus
2-Seater Buggy
We have buggys that will seat 2 children at a time
Tag Along
For chidlren who want to ride with others.
We have a range of tandem bikes on offer
Electric Trike
Need help on hills? then why not try an electric assisted trike. just contact us to ensure a full charge for your ride
Theraplay Trike
A fixed wheel bike for adults
We have a range of upright handbikes on offer. We can also put you in contact with a da vinci mobility who make these fab machines
Accessible Trikes
Trikes for adults with disabilities who need a bit more support. comes with a steering bar and breaks for carers
Trike for Wheelchairs
A trike that can take a full wheelchair on the front. excellent for getting people in wheelchairs out and about
Duet Trike
For those that can not pedal they can still enjoy the outdoors in our range of duet bikes
Tandem Trike
For those that want to share the effort an excellent trike for taking adults and children with disabilites out and about safely
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A bike for two. Can be used with a range of adaptions to almost anyone the ability to cycle