Changing Gear

Changing Gear is a a three year project that aims to introduce groups of people to the benefits of cycling who would not normally cycle or exercise. The project aims to work with people to help them achieve the health and well being goals that matter to them. Working in Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynon Taf the project wants to help people have fun, get healthy and do the things that matter to them.


Changing Gear is focused on working with

  • Women from Black Minority Ethnic backgrounds

  • Older People

  • People with Mental Health issues

  • People with any long term health condition

So if you would like to be involved and get:

  • free membership to Pedal Power for 1 year

  • free access to a range of health and wellbeing courses

  • free access to cycling taster sessions, including for complete beginners


Then email

or contact us

In Year 1 we worked with 317 people.

Taught 123 people how to ride for the first time

98% of those that took part reported improved health and wellbeing 

In Year 2 

We have worked with over 200 people so far 

delivered Yoga, White water rafting and much more

fancy getting involved in our next project then take our online consultation