The Friends of Pedal Power Project Registered Charity: 1092304
Company Limited by Guarantee: 4373456
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Friends of Pedal Power Project Ltd
Off Dogo Street
CF11 9JJ

Driving access via Sophia Gardens only

(0) 29 2039 0713

Bikeability Skills

Pedal Power is an accredited bikeability centre.

Suitable for: people of all ages who can already cycle but would like to hone their skills and increase their confidence.

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  • For groups of 3-6

  • Level 1: in a safe, off-road environment such as the park we work on your bike control skills to prepare you for road riding, covering topics such as cornering, braking and signalling (full certification takes 2 hours).

  • Level 2: instruction takes place on quiet roads covering anticipating the traffic, positioning and signalling to enable you to ride with confidence in areas such as residential streets (full certification takes 6 hours).

  • Level 3: covers advanced techniques and road features such as roundabouts and high traffic areas, working on skills that may be applicable to you such as rehearsing your commute